The Incontiguous Brick

January 18, 2009


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I love the irony of our modern world… Especially when government gets involved.

After years of attempting to eradicate the very existence of marijuana, it might be the one plant that saves humanity.

Scientists in Italy and the U.K. have recently discovered substances in marijuana that show promise for fighting deadly drug-resistant bacterial infections, including so-called “superbugs,” without causing the drug’s mood-altering effects.  Great going “War on Drugs”  Maybe we should have a “War on education” so these dang “scientists” will stop embarrassing our policy makers with new discoveries.

But the irony doesn’t end there…

Mere days before a new law goes into effect banning the sale of all children’s products that have not been tested to be lead free a new medical discovery changes the game.  The slow build-up of lead over a long term exposure is likely to cause serious developmental problems in children.   A child who swallows large amounts of lead may develop anemia, muscle weakness and brain damage.  Where poisoning occurs, it is usually gradual, with small amounts of the metal accumulating over a long period of time.

Now South Korean scientists may have found a way to remove dangerous heavy metals such as lead from blood by using specially designed
magnetic receptors.  The scare is over.  It isn’t so much that lead toys, paint, etc. is not a bad thing.  But now, lead may not be an untreatable threat to little ones. 

Once again, government may be jumping in to save us when we weren’t really drowning. Once again, you gotta love the irony.


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  1. it’ll probably take years before the “magnetic” (sounds flaky, like electronic rodent repellents. lead doesn’t respond to magnetism.) treatment is available to regular (hmo?) patients.

    Comment by - — June 22, 2009 @ 10:01 am | Reply

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