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September 14, 2008

Are They Still Afraid of Ron Paul?

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Seriously.  I was watching Fox News earlier (a show called Red Eye).  Before I go one I must say that I was trapped and the options were either watch the show or gnaw my own arm off and then use the removed fingers to gouge out my eyes.  After a few minutes of thoughtful consideration I decided to simply watch the show.  It was not an easy choice.


Anyway, let me relay to you what I witnessed.  In making fun of some environmentalist protesters in England, a guest of the show said it reminded her of Ron Paul followers.   According to her, Ron Paul started off with a spark and young people liked him but later you see those sign wavers and you are sure that if they flip the sign over it would say ‘will work for food.’  Hmmm.  First of all, I hope everyone reading this is aware that this is a ridiculous statement.  Homeless unemployed people are very rarely political activists.  But more importantly, t he biggest thing I got from it was that Fox News is still worried about the Ron Paul Revolution.  Although they spent most of their time bashing Obama, they actually took time out to discredit a previous candidate that is no longer in the running. 


Am I reading too much into this?  Probably.  But I don’t hear anyone talking about Giuliani, Huckabee, Romney or any other primary candidates that didn’t stick around.  Maybe it is because there is a significant number of state delegates that are actually participating the electoral process who are strong Ron Paul supporters and would like the see change in the Republican Party.


Maybe it is because he recently held a convention in Minneapolis at the same time as the Republican National Convention but with more people – over 12,000 showed up.   It was the official kickoff for his new lobbyist/PAC organization, CampaignForLiberty. They also had a full-day political training session, 700 attended and according to a Vanity Fair piece, about 3/4 of them plan to run for office or are already running.  Funny, I didn’t know there were 12,000 homeless people in Minneapolis.  They must have been giving out free sandwiches at the convention.


Whatever the reason, it appears that Fox News is still afraid of Ron Paul.


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  1. Afraid, no… That’s what you call “Fair and Balanced.” Either you support all political power being centered in Washington, D.C. or you are an extremist kook who believes in outdated concepts like the constitution, the bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. Of course, there has to be an illusion of some sort of choice, in what our perfect little communist society is going to look like, and Fox knows their audience so the choice is pretty simple, war hero, real American John McCain or radical, urban, Islamic, communist Barack Obama. What is the real difference? One is old and the other is black. That’s about it.

    Comment by Johnnyb — September 15, 2008 @ 7:49 am | Reply

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