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January 20, 2008

Ron Paul Finishes Second in Nevada!

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Great Article in the LA Times:

“Hidden behind all the hoopla, headlines and the Nevada caucus victories of Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton is one little-noticed but stunning political development and number:

Ron Paul, the one-time Libertarian candidate and 10-term Republican congressman from Texas, was in second place. That’s right, Second Place… ahead of all other Republicans except Romney.”

Read the rest of the LA Times article here.

But what about the rest of the media? What are they saying about his success? A quick perusal of Reddit showed me:
Nevada ABC News Lies About Ron Paul’s 2nd Place Finish.
The NY Times Is Anti-Ron Paul showed me that NY Times did not even mention him in the overall results.

What the heck? Even If I didn’t like his politics I would vote for Ron Paul just to fight back against media giants that think they can control how I think. But the reality is that I am very much in support of Ron Paul and the revival of the constitution in our nation’s politics. If you don’t know what he stands for yet, check it out.

If you want to help, go here and then vote for him in your state’s upcoming primary.


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