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January 14, 2008

Business and shopping opportunities in North Korea

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Looking for a new gift for a loved one? Or perhaps a good source of imports for that boutique you have always wanted? Don’t look any further! The answer is found in the happy-go-lucky land of North Korea!

For a truly diverse shopping experience, the DPRK is now offering a variety of goods for you! From cosmetics to cars, crabs to mini-submarines there are an endless selection of great items to choose from. Just check out the Official Business Webpage of the DPRK for all the great opportunities that await you.

dprk-factory.jpgNo woman feels lovelier than these factory workers when they wear North Korean cosmetics! On the job (only 17 hours a day) or out on the town (before curfew at a state-sanctioned party gathering) these products are among the best in the world. The joys of looking like you live on more than 8 ounces of rice a day can be yours too with North Korean cosmetics.

But lets on forget about those great boats! These high-speed vessels are perfect for all you near-shore military or militia needs. If subtlety is more your style, choose from one of many styles of mini-subs for those “special” trips to the Japanese coast. You can fit more than one Japanese kidnap victim in one of these little treasures.

dprk-fasion.jpgIf there is one thing North Koreans are known for, it is their sense of style and love of the fine things in life. Be sure to check out the spring collection of hand made garments from the DPRK. Look at the unmatched style and quality of this item! They might not eat very well in North Korea, but they sure do dress nicely. China might make all the clothes in Wal*mart but they don’t offer anything as stylish as this piece.

What ever you need to start your small business or to arm your militia, the DPRK is the place to go.


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