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December 4, 2007

Ron Paul and China

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Most of you know by now that I am supporter of Ron Paul. I am thrilled with the idea of a smaller government, no income taxes, personal liberty and the return to the constitution. However, aside from the war issue, I was a little unclear of his foreign policy ideas.

I finally got around to doing a little research and found this article about his views toward China written by the man himself.

Each year the people of the United States write a check to subsidize China, one of the most brutal, anti-American regimes in the world. Lately it has been in vogue for everyone in Washington to eagerly denounce the egregious abuses of the Chinese people at the hands of their communist dictators. Yet no one in our federal government has been willing to take China on in any meaningful way. Very few people realize that China is one of the biggest beneficiaries of American taxpayer subsidies. Thanks to the largesse of Congress and the President, China enjoys subsidized trade and the flow of US tax dollars into Beijing’s coffers.I offered an amendment before the House of Representatives last month that would have ended the $4 billion subsidy our nation quietly gives China through the US government’s Export-Import Bank. The bank underwrites the purchases of goods and services by the Chinese government and others around the world. Unfortunately, only a minority of Democrats or Republicans supported my measure. Apparently, many members of Congress are happy to bash China, but don’t mind lending her U.S. taxpayer money at sweetheart interest rates.Some of your money went to fund a nuclear power plant in Shanghai owned by the China National Nuclear Corporation, a state-run company. Many US-based multinational corporations benefit directly from Export-Import Bank subsidies to China, including Boeing, Westinghouse, and McDonnell Douglas. So it’s not hard to understand that business trumps the feelgood rhetoric condemning China.

There is no constitutional authority for Congress to make loans to any country, and certainly no basis for giving away the hard-earned cash of Americans to communist leaders who brutalize their women and children with forced abortions, and persecute Christians for their faith.

In reality, there is very little the federal government can do about conditions in China. Under our Constitution, the federal government simply does not have the authority to point a gun at Chinese leaders and force them to respect the principles of liberty. It just doesn’t work that way.

I believe that by engaging the Chinese people, opening personal dialogue, and seeking to change their hearts and minds, we soon will see that regime collapse. The laws of economics dictate that a communist system cannot stand for long. But in the same way, I firmly believe there is a higher law which dictates that people exposed to the principles of liberty will not for long allow themselves to remain shackled to an oppressive government. Economic freedom, i.e. capitalism, now has a strong foothold in China. The Chinese people may soon demand political, religious, and personal freedom as well. But in the meantime let’s stop sending tax dollars to support a government we claim to despise.

August 15, 2006

~ Ron Paul



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  3. Oh how I wish I could argue this…

    Comment by TRM — December 5, 2007 @ 8:20 am | Reply

  4. TRM, why don’t you argue this?

    Ron Paul seems to know what he’s talking about. What other candidate puts their words on paper?

    -Diana Moneymaker

    Comment by Diana Moneymaker — December 5, 2007 @ 11:03 am | Reply

  5. Why is my personal information required to leave a comment?
    Anyway, the corrupt, repressive American government subsidizes the corrupt repressive Chinese government. The total debt Americans owe the Chinese government is purposefully bargained to the LARGEST AMOUNT. The loans our politicians take out from Chinese banks are purposefully taken from Chinese banks with the HIGHEST interest rates, so, in the end, Americans will have to pay more, and the politicians get a cut of the increased revenue from Chinese bankers.

    Comment by Chase — April 1, 2009 @ 4:36 pm | Reply

  6. Although Ron Paul is normally right on track, the situation in China and America is changing. While America has been steadily declining in its respect for individual freedom and liberty, China has been doing just the opposite. A short teaching assignment at a university in China and an episode of American government persecution has waken me up to the fact that we now are the ones who persecute families, and the reports about China are either greatly exaggerated or obsolete.

    In China I was surprised to continually meet young people with numerous brothers and sisters. Their families had not been forced to have abortions as I had been led to believe about all Chinese families. Such assertions are false. Their families were required to pay a fee, which happens to be much less than our annual income tax rate in USA, but rumors about the one child policy are simply exaggerated or obsolete today.

    As for the mythical religious persecution, I was expecting that I would not be able to worship freely while in China. But I found that churches operate openly, and I even witnessed a normal sunday afternoon baptism of over 400 people. People were busy mopping the floor on one side of the sanctuary while people lined up on the other side. All of them received new Bibles to commemorate the event.

    Needless to say I was surprised about progress in China. There are a lot of people in USA who are worse off, and yet they think of America as being the land of freedom. In China I observed greater freedom in raising a family than in USA, despite what we usually hear.

    In America, it is becoming common now for Child Protective Services organizations to commit fraud in order to increase their case loads to get more federal money. Unfortunately the cost of this fraud is not only monetary but it destroys life.

    I began my Ph.D. studies while being attacked by CPS and was allowed to leave the state to pursue it. My children were homeschooled and achieved 98 and 99 percentile scores on the statewide standardized math tests. They had received numerous (eight) US Congressional Recognition awards.

    One child was already receiving A grades in advanced university Calculus courses at the local university.

    When we discovered that a particularly influential individual been undermining our family and prompting the child towards delinquency, we patiently rebuked and eventually grounded the child, which provoked a threat that we were counseled should not go unpunished. As a result, we forbid the child from associating with the influential individual again indefinitely until we would be convinced that the bad behavior is truly past.

    That resulted in the child exclaiming “I’ll get you”, and running away three times in that week to the influential individual, even though there had been no prior running away. I recognized the severity of habitual running away because a few years earlier, a child from my home town who had developed the habit had gone to LA and witnessed gang murder, and later found dead in the streets of the small town. Since then the townspeople have been afraid to walk on the streets at night. The child, frustrated at being grounded, and longed for the younger days when spankings were used for discipline exclaimed “Why don’t you just punish me and get it over with?” After considering this request the next time the child acted up corporal punishment (spanking the bottom) was applied.

    The following day the child ran away to a nearby business and called the influential individual, who called Child Protective Services, who claimed that spanking creates permanent emotional damage. They used this excuse because corporal punishment is explicitly allowed by state law so long as it does not result in permanent damage.

    By this bogus charge they permanently took one child with the constant threat to take my other if I did not cooperate with their unjust actions.

    I consulted a lawyer who told me that there was no hope of ending the case before my first child would become an adult, and that I should cooperate with everything they ask in order to keep my other child. With this power they trampled every right provided in the bill of rights.

    1. Free speech, religion, etc: I was no longer able to talk freely with my child or train her in religious matters.
    2. Bear arms: I was told even though I had none, that if I had any arms I must surrender them.
    3. Quartering troops: Certainly being armed with the ability to
    confiscate children constitutes being de jure troops. Who would dare to refuse hosting them?
    4. Search and seizure: Is there any question that seizing my child was unreasonable?
    5. Due process: was circumvented by coercing me to cooperate in order to keep my other child.
    6. Speedy trial: I was told that I could not possibly finish a trial before my daughter aged out, and that attempting to do so would only cause them to mentally abuse the child and force testimony against me.
    They promised the child a foster-children’s scholarship contingent on cooperation with them, so the child asked that therefore I should not interfere.
    7. Trial by jury: In the same way I was denied my jury trial. I was told that if I plead guilty I will only need to spend 2 nights in jail and it will be over, but what that really meant is that I would no longer be permitted to see my child. I wished to withdraw my plea, but it was too late. I had been deceived.
    8. Cruel punishment: It was not nearly as cruel to force me to sleep at the foot of a toilet in an overcrowded cell (2 bunks and a floor next to the toilet barely big enough to fit a mat to sleep on) as it was to destroy my family.
    9. Rule of constitution: Just because I am entitled to 10 amendment rights must not deny me the right to raise my family.
    10. Powers reserved: There is no constitutional authority for federal funds to be used to attack my family as it was attacked.

    The bad news is that USA is no longer the leader in freedom as our government has traveled down the road of ignoring its protections. We have become much like the national socialists that we defeated in WWII: Invasive federal programs controlling everybody’s personal life, coupled with acts of world conquest against the sovereignty of other governments.

    Nevertheless Ron Paul’s policy is still correct. We need to both stop funding and stop fighting all other governments at once, but freely trade with all. That was historically our nation’s wise policy of “no foreign entanglements”

    Comment by Humen Paniolo — June 16, 2011 @ 7:59 pm | Reply

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