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November 14, 2007

Another “what if” for Pakistan

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Pakistan is in a bit of turmoil lately…

A declared state of emergency, delayed elections and a general democratic crisis is all over the news. This is important because Washington has backed Musharraf for a few years (since around 2001) and they have nuclear weapons. But what about India?


nuclear-war.jpgIndia and Pakistan have been at odds over their border region for decades. The radical Muslims in Pakistan hate the Hindus even more than they hate other non-Muslims. The radical Hindus aren’t exactly fond of Muslims. They have fought a couple of wars (with real no resolution) over Kashmir region. The most recent was the Kargil War (that took place between May and July 1999 in the Kargil district of Kashmir). There was concern at the time that it could escalate into a nuclear exchange. But that war was over territory only and not over ideology.

What would India do if a radical Muslim government is established in Pakistan? If they see a big enough threat from radicals in Pakistan, they could see it as grounds for preemption. Nuke Pakistan’s nukes before Pakistan can nuke India’s nukes.

And what would the rest of the world do? The same thing we all did the last time Pakistan and India fought a war… not a damn thing.


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  1. Ain’t it just nuts?

    Comment by ChenZhen — November 14, 2007 @ 11:00 pm | Reply

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