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November 12, 2007

Green activists missing the point

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We all know that Toyota’s Prius is the great green hope for the world with its 48 mpg magic. Now some environmentalists are protesting Toyota for “selling out” because they oppose legislation to mandate better fuel efficiency for all cars and light-duty trucks.

First of all, Toyota is a company with the same goal as every other company on the planet… making a profit. The employees, owners and stockholders expect nothing less. They also should expect little more and anyone else is foolish to think so. Of course they would oppose such a law because it would force every other car maker to muscle their way into Toyota niche market. The Prius owns the hybrid market, but that would be lost if everybody was doing it. It makes no sense for Toyota to support the legislation.

Second, if you want to see better fuel efficiency then you better not complain about high gas prices! The reason it is hard to find a used Prius for sale (I was looking for one a few months ago but settled for something else) is because we are all sick of paying over $50 every time we fill up. As the cost of gas goes up, the demand for good fuel efficiency will rise too. Give it a few years and Detroit will either get it or be replaced by other manufacturers.

So don’t blame Toyota for your disappointment. Blame yourself for believing a corporate automobile manufacturer could be more than what it is.


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  1. A lot of what I find annoying involves the idea that recycling batteries from these vehicles is not calculated in as an energy/pollution cost : no more than new vehicle manufacturing is loaded with the energy of production calculated as a requirement of overall efficiency compared to recycling used.
    The EV-1 site is a nice place to look for updates on electric vehicles :

    Comment by opit — November 24, 2007 @ 2:37 pm | Reply

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