The Incontiguous Brick

October 5, 2007


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Today I find myself shaking my head in complete and total disappointment in the citizens in our country. A single mom in Minnesota bravely took on the music industry thugs and said NO to extortion. She refused to be bullied into paying a settlement out of fear.

Here is the story from

In the first US trial to challenge the illegal downloading of music on the Internet, a single mother from Minnesota was ordered Thursday to pay 220,000 dollars for sharing 24 songs online.Jammie Thomas, 30, was the first among more than 26,000 people sued by the world’s most powerful recording companies to refuse a settlement after being slapped with a lawsuit by the Recording Industry of America and six major music labels.She turned down an offer to pay a few thousands dollars in fines and instead took the case to court.

She lost. The jury hung her out to dry and she is now facing $220,000 in fines.

Her crime was not even that she copied the music or that it was proven that people copied music from her. She had the music in a file sharing folder so that it was available to be copied. As far as the jury knew, there may have been no copied made at all.

The jury followed the instructions they were given right down to the guilty verdict. If the judge had told them the law required the jury to push a button and electrocute Ms. Thomas until she passed out, I have no doubt they would have unquestioningly gone about their “duty” until they killed her.

The jury is the last defense citizens have against unfair laws, unjust punishment, and corporate corruption. The jury system does not work when people blindly follow “instructions” to convict with unfair laws. It is called jury nullification. If this jury had any courage or understanding of the power they held, the RIAA would have been paying the accused’s legal fees and the corrupt music industry would have had to rethink the extortion tactics they use to threaten all of us.

“Whenever the offense inspires less horror than the punishment,the rigor of penal law is obliged to give way to the common feelings of mankind.” ~Edward Gibbon

Jury Nullification and the Rule of Law


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