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September 17, 2007

Lets take back the [new] seas America!

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The most direct shipping route from Europe to Asia is fully clear of ice for the first time since records began, the European Space Agency (Esa) says.

_44118243_arctic_203_passage.gifIt is about time we got rid of all that ice. Now we can start getting this global shipping thing going for real. I hate having weeks for stuff to cross the big oceans. Wal*Mart shoppers will soon be able to get cheap lead-based junk even faster!

From BBC:

Scientists have linked the changes to global warming which may be progressing faster than expected.

The opening of the sea routes is already leading to international disputes.

Canada says it has full rights
over those parts of the Northwest Passage that pass through its territory and that it can bar transit there.

But this has been disputed by the US and the European Union.

They argue that the new route should be an international strait that any vessel can use.

image009.gifOn the other hand, the rightful owner of the new seas should be the country that did all the work to create it. The United States has received all sorts of slanderous claims that it is the biggest contributor to greenhouse gases. Some estimates have the US single-handedly contributing 22% of all the carbon emissions in the world. That is not done without a tremendous dedication and expense by the American people. Hats off guys.

So I don’t understand why the world should get to play on the new arctic superhighway that Americans built with their blood, sweat, and Earth-choking carbon emissions. We worked hard and ignored a lot of whining Europeans to melt all that ice, it isn’t fair that they should get to use it without some payback. And it those Canadians think they get it all, they better think again!

This looks like a good job for the US Navy. A brand new sea to patrol and protect. This time they can start collecting a transit tax on all those foreign merchants. Maybe it could lead to some more tax cuts back home.

Lets take back the [new] seas America!


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