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August 31, 2007

Latest news from Iran and the IAEA

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If you have spent any time reading any similar website) you have probably wondered if the US is going to war with Iran. I am certainly not in a position to know or even guess, but it would seem to me that Iran could make a little stronger effort to avoid it.

The IAEA just published a letter from the Iranian government regarding the resolution of issues. First glance, one would think that Iran is really making an effort to come clean and resolve things. But maybe not.

The Institute for Science and International Security has published a response pointing out a number of flaws in the Iranian letter. Most notable is the extended response to questions Iran has suggested.


We also note that the timetable for answering the IAEA’s questions effectively draws out the process until late 2007 and possibly early 2008, well after the IAEA is to submit its “final questions.”

Why so long? Does it really take 6 months to answer a question? Maybe it takes 6 months to hide evidence? Or does it only take another 6 months before a nuclear device can be tested and Iran can follow in the footsteps of North Korea to become the newest nuclear power.

The ISIS response also points out the issue of contacting key individuals for questioning. That is, Iran is not offering access to those individuals and is creating an environment that would facilitate deception. Not good.

What is the real motive behind Iran’s slightly dodgy letter? Who knows? I would suggest to the Iranian government that it might want to make a little more of an effort to work with the IAEA if it wants to see sanctions.

Link to Ron Paul on Iran


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