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August 29, 2007

The new war on… moths?

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The government of California has declared biological warfare on an alien invader.

The alien is the Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM) from Australia. This moth has made landfall in the San Francisco Bay area and has the potential to thrive in 80 percent of the nation.

The new face of terror?This tiny terrorist (moth) is said to threaten California’s natural environment and agricultural production. The bug feeds on more than 250 varieties of plants.

So how do you fight the invasion of an alien moth? With a biological aerial attack, of course.

Planned for September, a fixed wing aircraft will fly over the Monterey, CA area to release female apple moth pheromones into the air. The idea is to confuse the male moths so that they are unable to find females to mate with. The moths will die off like drunk Russians with no offspring to carry on their crop destroying legacy.

I wonder if Chinese government has heard of this approach to population control? Maybe it works for peasants too.

Let me say that I am a big supporter of aerial biological warfare of my home. That said, I think it is slightly strange that the planned attack does not include Carmel or Pebble Beach areas (where the really rich people are).
light-brown-apple-moth-map-small.jpgMaybe the following excerpt from the public notice will shed light on it:

Remain indoors if possible with applications are in progress.

Do not leave laundry outdoors while applications occur. If left out, re-rinsing or re-washing, while not necessary, can be considered.

After application, you may wash down outdoor eating areas, playground equipment, vehicles and objects such as toys and pet food dishes that may have been left out during application.

These and other statements are full of qualifiers explaining the zero risk that this chemical pheromone presents but at the same time makes it sound like I should wear a gas mask (or move to Carmel). Sounds kinda fishy. My favorite line is:

People who become ill should consult their physician; regardless of what they believe may be causing their symptoms.

What the hell does that mean?

For more info we can contact the CDFA LBAM Website.

The below images link the full size files:



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