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August 7, 2007

China’s missile ranges

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Some property in Argentina doesn’t sound like a bad idea.



  1. Argentina sounds like a wonderful idea. Time to learn Spanish.

    Comment by jeremy — August 7, 2007 @ 1:06 pm | Reply

  2. […] China’s missile ranges [image] Some property in Argentina doesn’t sound like a bad idea. […]

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  3. […] China’s Missle RAnges […]

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  4. Been away for awhile so i just read this today. You know even Mr Howard who loves the CCp or has made a statement in AP press a couple of weeks said the military buildup is not making them any friends and is in fact destabilizing the region.

    Here is a statement made by an CCp offical a couple of years ago. I’d like to point out that no Ccp official ever has a personal opinion. Thereby this leads us to believe this “statement” is Ccp policy .

    Chi Haotian, Chinese Military Analyst’s Deadly Words

    “We must prepare ourselves for two scenarios. If our biological weapons succeed in the surprise attack [on the US], the Chinese people will be able to keep their losses at a minimum in the fight against the U.S. If, however, the attack fails and triggers a nuclear retaliation from the U.S., China would perhaps suffer a catastrophe in which more than half of its population would perish. That is why we need to be ready with air defense systems for our big and medium-sized cities. Whatever the case may be, we can only move forward fearlessly for the sake of our Party and state and our nation’s future, regardless of the hardships we have to face and the sacrifices we have to make. The population, even if more than half dies, can be reproduced. But if the Party falls, everything is gone, and forever gone!”
    “In any event, we, the CCP, will never step down from the stage of history! We’d rather have the whole world, or even the entire globe, share life and death with us than step down from the stage of history!!! Isn’t there a ‘nuclear bondage’ theory? It means that since the nuclear weapons have bound the security of the entire world, all will die together if death is inevitable. In my view, there is another kind of bondage, and that is, the fate our Party is tied up with that of the whole world. If we, the CCP, are finished, China will be finished, and the world will be finished.”
    “It is indeed brutal to kill one or two hundred million Americans. But that is the only path that will secure a Chinese century, a century in which the CCP leads the world. We, as revolutionary humanitarians, do not want deaths. But if history confronts us with a choice between deaths of Chinese and those of Americans, we’d have to pick the latter, as, for us, it is more important to safeguard the lives of the Chinese people and the life of our Party. That is because, after all, we are Chinese and members of the CCP. Since the day we joined the CCP, the Party’s life has always been above all else!” [That’s what people like Noam Chomsky and other leadership of the “peace” movement want too.]
    -Chi Haotian, Chinese Military Analyst’s Deadly Words

    Comment by Jana — August 9, 2007 @ 1:37 am | Reply

  5. Scary stuff. I not entirely convinced that the epochtimes article is 100% true, but it is definitely worth considering. An time an ideological government is threatened there is a risk of violence. How far would America have gone during the cold war to defend the pricipals of democracy and freedom? I remember a slogan, “Better dead than red!” I would not expect anything less from the CCP in defending their party.

    The difference is the lack of transparency in China and that I don’t like authoritarianims. I like the idea of standing up for freedom and democracy. When a country like China gets defensive in the face of collapse I get a little nervous.

    Comment by iknowkeith — August 9, 2007 @ 10:33 am | Reply

  6. This was also reported in many other news sources here is but one. All I had to do was Google Chi Haotian.
    China Defense Minister Chi Haotian – War is inevitable

    Foreign Affairs News
    Source: Cheng Ming/BBC
    Published: 1-4-00

    please remember that no communist has a personal opinion and nor is he allowed to state anything other than party policy. He was put under raps and demoted for a while i think. No one has heard of him much anymore..

    Here is full Epoch Times news article.

    The Epoch Times is the only newspaper in the world that you can trust with news from China.Its independently owned and bows to no one except the truth.

    I used to work for the Epoch Times Oct 2004-April 2006

    Comment by Jana — August 13, 2007 @ 4:25 am | Reply

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