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July 20, 2007

Grave Robbery is going Green!

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The industry of grave robbery has certainly had its PR challenges.

jones.jpgMost people do not appreciate the work involved in digging up the dead and foraging for valuable remains. Hollywood has attempted to show the lighter, nobler side of grave robbery with movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Mummy and the 1961 hit Mr. Sardonicus. However, even with the good press grave robbing has received, it is still viewed with distain.

Today, the sleazy image of grave robbing may all change due to the efforts of one man in Ogden, Utah.

Enter Angel Luna, a modern day Indiana Jones with a passion for recycling!
Mr. Luna, 39, pleaded guilty this week for the theft of 58 bronze vases from Myers Evergreen Memorial Park. He was caught after he attempted to recycle the vases at a local recycling center.

This writer applauds Mr. Luna for his environmentally driven actions. Although theft is not a such a great idea, it is hard to condemn a man with such a strong belief in recycling. If only we all had that level of dedication to our environment maybe this global warming stuff wouldn’t be so bad. In a couple of years, recycling cemetery vases might even be mandatory.

Surely he was driven by a burning desire to recycle and not the $12-15 dollars he received for each recycled vase. Right?


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