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July 19, 2007

“Forget horse power, my car has chicken power!”

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Say good bye to that new car smell and hello to “smells like chicken.”

Tyson Foods has a diabolical plan to turn extra chicken fat into biodiesel fuel.


    MSNBC reports the company plans to convert its fatty byproducts, known as tallow, into fuel. Tyson has struck deals with oil giant ConocoPhillips and Syntroleum, a tiny company that develops synthetic-fuel technology, to process millions of gallons of animal grease each year.

This is not just an opportunity to help with the world’s demand for fossil fuels. There are some real advantages to this technology that MSNBC failed to mention.

First of all, this gives every chicken producing country the ability to create fuel whether they have oil fields or not. Far more countries raise chickens than drill for oil.

But why limit this to waste chicken fat? How about all those birds killed during an avian flu outbreak? Now all those carcasses can be worth their weight in black gold!

I am wondering if chickens are the only creature capable of living up to their biodiesel potential. All sorts of critters die every day and could be used to produce lots of fuel. It would be shame to let our furry friends pass on without giving them one more chance to serve our needs. No more pet cemeteries! “Fluffy” is going straight to my tank.

But should we stop there? What about all that biodiesel potential wasted when we discard the leftovers from liposuction? Maybe our butts aren’t just for soap anymore.


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  1. LOL. Sick, you are a sicko. And shouldn’t it be Horse food power? *snicker*

    Comment by Poem — July 20, 2007 @ 8:20 am | Reply

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