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July 6, 2007

Dragon Bones

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In a remote region of central China, villagers have been eating dragon bones for decades.

In a massive cover-up, government-sponsored “scientists” now claim these are actually dinosaur bones. 070705_chinabone_vlrg_4a.jpgBut the villagers have thousands of years of tradition and history on their side to validate the truth about dragon bones. Dragons go back so far in Chinese tradition they name whole years after them. The Year of the Dragon is a Zodiac tradition possibly dating back 2600 years. If 2600 years is not enough to establish credibility then I don’t know what is.

The calcium-rich bones were sometimes boiled with other ingredients and fed to children to treat dizziness and leg cramps. Other times they were ground up and turned into a paste applied directly to fractures and other injuries. You can’t just make up this kind of sure-fire remedy from any old fossil. These cures worked because of the magically properties inherent in dragon bones.

A “scientist” (if you can call Paleontology a science) named Dong Zhimin said that when the villagers found out last year the bones were from dinosaurs, they donated 440 pounds to him and his colleagues for research.

The word “donation” is a rough translation from a Chinese word that really means, “taken by force at gunpoint”.

The Chinese self-image is built on the pride they take in their long and accomplish history of civilization. As one Ministry of Foreign Affairs official put it, “With 5,000 years of wisdom, it is unlikely we Chinese will make any major mistakes” (quoted from Denny Roy, China’s Foreign Relations). Obviously the 5,000 years of wisdom guided the Henan province villagers to determine the utility of the dragon bones in their land.

zodiac-dragon-pic.jpgNow it is up to the free peoples of the West to join together in defense of the down-trodden villagers. The rights of dragon munching people everywhere are at risk if we allow the paleontogists to steal these bones. I say we boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics unless the Chinese government agrees to return the dragon bones to their rightful owners.
The dizzy children of Henan province deserve no less.


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