The Incontiguous Brick

June 20, 2007

TSA… and nothing happened.

Filed under: Life — iknowkeith @ 8:17 pm

tsa.gifAs I approached the TSA checkpoint my heart was racing. The kids were pulling and the youngest (19 months) was beginning to fuss. “Oh God,” I thought, “This was going to be hell.” Visions of conflict, jail and maybe a vicious beating flew through my mind as I prepared my self for the upcoming search. I have read too many horrible stories of abused travelers to believe this was going to go well. Shoes off, laptop out of the bag, sippy-cups empty, etc… my forehead broke out in a cold sweat.

My wife and oldest child went through unscathed. Good so far. Then it was my turn with the toddler. The metal-detector alarm went crazy. I knew I was seconds from getting tackled and clubbed so I backed up as nonchalantly as I could muster. I had forgot to take off my belt.

Now I was almost shaking with dread as I went through a second time. This was the moment it would all fall apart. My trip was about to end before it even began.

The TSA agent smiled and said “thank you, get your stuff over there.” And that was it. All my fears were for nothing and there was absolutely no incident at all. So at least this blogger will not join the many who rant and complain about the evil TSA. All in all they were not too bad.


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