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May 7, 2007

How being a dad with two girls will make me rich!

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My wife and I have two children; both are girls. People say that this is going to be expensive (especially when it comes to weddings) but I don’t think so. I am making an investment that could be huge

In China there is a huge shortage of girls.
Deng Xiaohong, Deputy Director of Beijing’s Bureau of Health, revealed on May 12, 2006 that a normal ratio of baby boys to baby girls should be around 104:100-106:100. But last year’s ratio reached 108:100, and that of the floating population even went as high as 128:100, indicating that the practice of willful abortion is upsetting the standard ratio.

In Korea it is just as bleak.
In Korea in 1993 there were 115.6 boys born for each 100 girl babies. (The normal ratio is about 105 males to 100 females.) In 1995 only 47.9% of primary school children were female, which meant an extra 200,000 6-to-11-year-old boys.

I know that the dowry system has long been in favor of the male’s family. However, with a large shortage of available girls in the future, it could easily go the other way. China and Korea have growing economies. Actually, China would better be described as booming. So I am confident that in 16 to 20 years (when my kids will be eligible to marry) there will be a number of wealthy Chinese who could afford a sizable dowry payment.

So, to all of you who lament to me that my two girls are going to be expensive, I say “Capitalism will prevail!” Supply-and-demand models predict that I have invested in a winner and I can take it all the way to the bank. All I have to do is make sure they like Asian food.

And if I am wrong, there is always the lottery.



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